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Wiebke Koch

In most circles, people would call me a facilitator or community builder. In more recent years, I’ve become a big fan of sharing the power of Visual Thinking. I have come a long way from believing „I can’t draw“ to become a professional graphic recorder, live illustrator and visual facilitator.

And yes, I get called an artist, too, and I’m proud of it. But what’s even better, you too can learn how to use visual tools. Just come to one of our meetups and you will see, it’s not that hard after all, it’s fun!

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Benjamin Felis - Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator, Berlin, Germany

Benjamin Felis – Graphic Recorder, Visual Facilitator, Berlin, Germany

Benjamin Felis

Since 2006 active in Seminar- and Workshop facilitation and former Graffiti artist. Long year experience in facilitation and conceptualizing. Many participants from a wide range of branches and positions.

Since 2011 trainer for visual facilitation and since 2012 full time graphic recorder. Benjamin joined the vizthink Berlin team officially in 2014.

Personally I think visual thinking is a powerful tool in the modern complex times and should be provided for everyone – no matter what country, social status or gender one belongs to.

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Nadine Roßa – Sketchnote Love





Nadine Roßa

A few years back I came across the topics Sketchnotes and Graphical Recording at a conference, and wondered why I hadn’t stumbled upon it before.I realized that sketchnoting is its own design discipline and I started to spend more time honing my skill at it.

I am also an illustrator, visual designer, writer and editor and have 15+ years of experience in the field of Graphic Design. I started as a screen designer in the New Economy (oh, those crazy times), worked in Cologne and New York and moved to Berlin to study design. Since 2004 I am working as a freelance designer, since 2012 as a sketchnoter.

A wrote a book called »Sketchnotes – Visuelle Notizen für Alles« and teach sketchnotes and visual thinking to anyone who wants to learn it – and I believe that anyone should!

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Letzte News aus Berlin

alle News aus Berlin

Vizthink Berlin #40 – Ein visueller Jahresrückblick

OMG! Verschwörungstheoretiker haben es sofort bemerkt: 2020, also 20 + 20 = 40! 40 Mal Berliner Vizthink! Unglaublich!

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Vizthink Berlin #39 – Sketchnotes in der Schule Teil II (online)

Beim nächsten vizthink Berlin Meetup geht es nun schon zum zweiten Mal um das Thema „Sketchnotes in der Schule“. Dieses Mal wollen wir uns jedoch nicht so sehr mit Sketchnotes als Methode zum Lernen beschäftigen, … Weiterlesen

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Vizthink Meetup #36 – Visual Products

Und schon wieder ist ein (Vizthink)-Jahr fast um. Und was für eines! Deswegen möchten wir die Weihnachts-Vizthink-Ausgabe dieses Mal wieder als schönen Jahresabschluss feiern – mit Zeichnen, Geschenkewichtelm und allem Drum und Dran. Dieses Mal … Weiterlesen

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